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A quality turntable is a must for easy cake decorating!

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Cake decorating turntables rotate,

allowing you to decorate all the way around the cake without straining.

Remember to always put your cake on a cake board before decorating, unless you are planning to leave your cake on the turntable for display.

Trim-N-Turn Plus Turntable.Trim 'N Turn Plus

Decorate with more control and convenience with the Trim-N-Turn Plus turntable. The smooth turning makes icing your cake and sides a breeze along with making beautiful boarders. Removable 12" platform for easy cleaning. Hidden ball-bearing track for smooth turning. Arched sides for easy lifting. Holds cakes up to 11" with platform visible. Holds larger cakes if cake is on a  cake cardboard.

(307-303)            $14.99                Yes:Qty:

Trim-N-Turn Ultra Turntable.

Trim 'N Turn Ultra

Experience the ultimate in turntable control. Combines an extra-high smooth turning platform with non-slip detail for secure performance. The easy locking platform keeps your cake steady as you create delicate flowers and writing. Platform turns in either direction for easy icing, borders, combing and leveling. Great for left hand or right hand users. Non slip design with soft grip ring molded into platform to keep cake in place. 3"  raised base with arched sides for easy grip.  Hidden ball bearing track for smooth turning. Lock platform with ease using the pull out tab. 12" platform removes from base for easy cleaning. Holds larger cakes if cake is on a  cake cardboard.

(307-301)            $22.99                Yes:Qty:

Tilting Turntable.

Tilting Cake Turntable

The tilting cake turntable moves to 3 preset angles (level, 12°  and 24°) and  locks in place making every decorating technique easier! Turntable rotates smoothly in any of the angled positions for effortless decorating of top borders, string work, lettering on top and sides of cake and more. Includes lock to prevent rotation. Top diameter measures 12" x 6" high. Holds larger cakes if cake is on a  cake cardboard.

(307-894)            $69.99                Discontinued

Tilt-N-Turn Ultra Turntable.

Tilt-N-Turn Ultra

There has never been an easier and more convenient way to reach every part of your cake. You can choose between 18 different plate angles, making it easier to decorate the sides and top of your cake. Perfect for placing cut out designs, piping, boarders, writing and more! Non-slip soft grip design molded into plate surface securely keeps cake in place. Tilting mechanism provides 18 different secure plate position with large push button for for easy plate adjustment. Top plate smoothly rotates in either direction for left or right hand use, locking into place when desired. 5" high, durable construction with balanced base weight and non-slip feet to keep turntable in place.

(307-121)            $79.99                Yes:Qty:

Ateco Revolving Cake Stand.

Revolving Cake Stand

Cast iron base has a new durable powder coat finish. Top is made of 1/8" thick aluminum. Includes

Non-Slip pad. Also by Ateco. A "top shelf" product!

(AT-612)               $68.59                Yes:Qty:

Ateco Aluminum Revolving Turntable.

Revolving Cake Stand

Aluminum. Imported by Ateco. Made to last! Has stainless steel ball bearings for smoothest rotation. Includes Non-Slip pad (not shown). 12" diameter top.

(AT-613)               $79.99                Yes:Qty:



Cake Displays, Components and Accessories

Bridge Sets  Bridge and stairway sets. Water fountain for cakes.

Cake Levelers   Create perfectly flat cakes and slice into layers for filling.

Cake and Cupcake Caddies  Carry your beautiful creations in these delightful carriers.

Cake Display Stands  Fancy cake stands, separator stands, tier sets, scrollwork designs.

Cupcake & Dessert Stands  Large variety of designs and capacities. Re-usable

Disposable Cupcake/Treat Stands  Large variety of designs and capacities.

Electric Turntable  Hands free decorating - professional displays.

Flower Display Accessories  Flower display cups, fresh flower spikes and  flower ring.

Lollipop Display Stands  Wooden rack and wire rack.

Plates  Separator plates, round smooth, round scalloped, round crystal look and square.

Pillars  Hidden, crystal look, Grecian, crystal look spike, Grecian spike, disposable, roman columns and fillable pillars.

Plate and Pillar Sets  Crystal look separator set, roman column tier set, dowel rods and plastic pegs.

Turntables  A must for easy decorating.