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Merckens Logo Rainbow Wafers

Merckens Rainbow Wafers

The very best candy is made from the best chocolate.

These wafers are made from a delicious special compound manufactured by Merckens Chocolate Co. and are designed for melting, molding and dipping. This candy does not have to be tempered. Simply melt and you're ready to make candy. (Merckens Rainbow Wafers are "non taxable")

Chocolate dipped strawberry



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*Merckens stopped production on light pink due to excessive fading. They are re-working the formula and will have it available after more testing! Sorry for any inconvenience.



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  1/2 lb bags - All flavors/colors $2.49      
     1 lb bags - All flavors/colors $4.79      
     5 lb bags - All flavors/colors $22.50      
   10 lb bags - All flavors/colors $42.00      
   50 lb cases unopened - Milk, Dark, or White only $3.25/lb      
   25 lb cases unopened - Any except Milk, Dark or White $3.45/lb      
   50 lb cases assorted   - All flavors/colors, any mix $3.55/lb      

NOTE: Additional shipping costs may apply for chocolate exceeding 30 lbs


For melting/holding up to 10 colors:  Candymelter Palette