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Use Wilbur Confectionery Wafers for absolutely delicious chocolate candy!

Wilbur Confectionery Wafers are made from a delicious special compound.

Designed for melting and molding.


This candy does not have to be tempered.(Wilbur Confectionery Wafers are non taxable).

Please note: Additional shipping costs may apply for chocolate exceeding 30 lbs.


Wilbur Confectionary Wafers: Dark & Milk Chocolate

Milk            Dark  

1/2 lb. $2.49/bag

MILK    (WMH)     Yes: Qty:     DARK    (WDH) Yes: Qty:

1 lb. $4.79/bag   

MILK    (WM)        Yes: Qty:        DARK    (WD) Yes: Qty:

5 lb. $22.50/bag

 MILK    (WM5)      Yes: Qty:      DARK    (WD5) Yes: Qty:

10 lb. $42.00/bag

MILK    (WM10)    Yes: Qty:    DARK    (WD10) Yes: Qty:

50 lb. $162.50/case

MILK    (WM50)    Yes: Qty:   DARK    (WD50) Yes: Qty:

50 lb Assorted Cases (You Decide Chocolate Mix!)

Price: $3.55 per lb. Check off milk and dark, and enter the quantity in lbs.

Please remember the total must add up to 50 lbs. or more!!

MILK - [WMA]     Yes:  Qty:      DARK - [WDA]  Yes: Qty:

Want to assure thin and creamy candy coatings?

Paramount Crystals Add to chocolate to help thin and make creamier!

Use 1 tablespoon per pound of chocolate. Each package (6 oz.) is enough for 12 pounds of chocolate!

(CK76-3204)                          only  $1.79/pkg.          Yes: Qty: