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Chocolate Index

The Best Candy Is Made From The Best Chocolate

Melted chocolate

Chocolate for molding, making candy

or just plain eating!

Important Chocolate Links

All about Chocolate - facts & fiction

Candy Writers - Chocolate in a tube

Melting instructions

Molding instructions

Tempering instructions

Coatings: Yogurt/Carob

Yogurt: Use like chocolate  Carob: Chocolate substitute

Cocoa Butter

Falls Chocolate (For chocolate fountains)

Merckens Rainbow Chocolate Wafers

Merckens Tempering  Chocolate

Molding Hollow or Solid 3D Chocolate Candy (how to)

Parve Chocolate Baking Bars

Sugar Free Wafers/Nuggets

Wilbur Confectionery Wafers

Wilbur Tempering Chocolate

Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world's perfect food

As said by Michael Levine in the book "The Emperors of Chocolate"

(click on image for a close up)

These areMerckens Rainbow Wafers


Candy melting or dipping bowls/cups Regular bowls, electric, silicone or ceramic.


Concerns about shipping chocolate during hot weather?