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Carob and Yogurt Coatings

The best candy is made from the best ingredients.

These are very popular chocolate substitutes. Use as you would chocolate wafers.

Melt and pour in a chocolate molds and/or make your own candy pieces.

Carob / yogurt  melting candy.

Carob Coating

(chocolate substitute)

1 lb.           (DV-217002)              $4.79          Yes:Qty:

5 lb.           (DV-217002-5)           $22.50        Yes:Qty:

10 lb.          (DV-217002-10)         $42.00        Yes:Qty:

Yogurt Coating

(use like chocolate)

1 lb.            (DV-217005)              $4.79         Yes:Qty:

5 lb.           (DV-217005-5)            $22.50       Yes:Qty:

10 lb.         (DV-217005-10)          $42.00       Yes:Qty: